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Face masks have become an essential part of every girl’s wardrobe. When you’re looking for face masks online, why not try searching for face coverings that coordinate with other pieces in your wardrobe? Face masks don’t have to be boring! Check out our selection of designer face masks, reusable face masks, and filters for face masks.

How to wear your face covering

Make your face covering both a fashion statement and part of your everyday routine to protect yourself and others. Know how to wear your face mask correctly so that you not only look good but keep safe too.

Wash your hands thoroughly before you put on your face covering or use hand sanitizer if soap and water aren’t available. Position your face covering or face mask over your nose and mouth and secure it by fitting the loops over your ears. Voilà! When you take your mask off, be careful to put it into a plastic bag to minimize the spread of infection.

And know that you can be both stylish and safe! Check out our range of reusable face masks online in plain colors or playful patterns or simple black and white for a look that goes with everything.

Designer face masks

Your face covering is essential daily wear, so make your face mask a standout piece that complements your outfit every time. Wear a matching face covering or mix things up with a face mask that contrasts with what you’re wearing — your call.

Check out our collection of designer face masks. We stock face masks in classic black to go with every outfit, vibrant patterns and colors to make a style statement, and pure white for a clean look. In fact, we have a mask for every occasion and day of the week!

Browse our handmade face masks too. Each is hand-stitched with care to offer you a beautiful and practical product that’s ethically produced from recycled materials.

Face masks for comfort and style 

Our face masks are made from quality materials like 100% cotton or a hemp and organic cotton mix for comfort and breathability.

Designed to fit snugly on your face and curved to mold to your facial contours, our face masks are a comfortable fit.

Look out for the added features on selected models. Some of our designer face masks come with a valve for ventilation, and there are models with removable filters, too! 

Face masks online

Grab a supply of face masks online from our exciting range. Skin-friendly, breathable, and stylish, our face masks are the perfect accessory to any outfit. Check out our handmade reusable face masks, each made with individual care and attention. Or why not go for a reusable valve mask with changeable filters for the ultimate in safe, comfortable face coverings 

We don’t just stock face masks! Browse all the Peppermayo ranges for trending clothing and accessories. We also stock beauty, wellness, and haircare products in our one-stop-shop for the best in fashion and beauty.